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I've been thinking about participating in more Craftster swaps, and I realized that I don't really have a lot of the "random facts" sort of information about myself available publicly. I know that I'm always more comfortable doing my own research than I am asking a bunch of questions, so I'm putting this here to be a handy Orchid Reference. :) (Of course, I'm always happy to answer any questions!)

Well, OK. Here we go. I can't think of a particularly well-organized way to do this, so bear with me and my randomness, please! I'll add sparkles to make it more interesting.

Orchid: The Dull Facts

Name: My name is Jesse, but I really despise it, and prefer to go by Orchid whenever possible. I've been Orchid online since 2000 or so, so I've gotten very used to it!

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Children?: No, my husband and I are happily childfree. We don't like kids, and prefer to live our lives our way. We are parents to our two wonderful cats, Roxie and Luna.

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Occupation: Housewife? I'm currently unable to work because of health problems.

Things I like!

Favorite Color: Purple, all shades. I also have a strange preoccupation with teal. Pretty much everything I ever wear is black.

Color combos: pink/black, purple/black, rainbow, dark purple/maroon

Favorite Animal: Cats! I'm definitely a crazy cat lady. :) I also love bats, and have a small tattoo of one above my left breast.

Hobbies other than crafting: I love to read (more on that later) and I'm a bit of a gamer (more on that later, too). Other than that, crafting is how I fill my time. :) Oh, and I used to be a music major specializing in vocal performance. Unfortunately I've fallen out of that, though I miss it with all my heart.

Favorite crafts: sewing, playing with polymer clay, dying my hair (totally counts), cooking, jewelry making, random crafty activities that catch my eye. I don't really feel that I specialize in any one craft. I love learning new techniques and if something looks fun, I'll try it! I do a little bit of everything.

Styles: I love the goth aesthetic, and in high school I would definitely have considered myself a goth. :) Classy, victorian-style goth is my favorite, but I've been known to have a great appreciation for the cheesy skulls-and-chains kind, too. :) As far as art styles I adore Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau.

Interests (copied and slightly edited from my personal journal): assassin's creed, atheism, avoidance, b-movies, barenaked ladies, baroque, bats, being childfree, bipolar, books, boston legal, brini maxwell, burlesque, cats, childfree, choir, classic hollywood, classical music, cloth pads, community theatre, corsetry, corsets, diy, dollhouses, dragons, eddie izzard, edgar allan poe, escapism, falco, fanfiction, feather boas, film, flamingos, french, gaming, gaston leroux, geeks, ghosts, glitter, glow in the dark, gothic architecture, gothic novels, greek mythology, harry potter, heart, historical fashion, history, horror, human rights, icons, jem, jewelry, kids in the hall, lingerie, literature, lon chaney, love, magic, makeup, marx brothers, masks, monty python, movies, mozart, music, musical theatre, my little pony, mythological creatures, notecards, opals, opera, orchids, otter pops, paganism, paranormal, passion, paul reubens, peewee herman, phantom of the opera, pleasure, pre-raphaelite art, privacy, psp9, quiet, reading, ren and stimpy, rhinestones, rhps, rocko's modern life, sailor moon, sensuality, severus snape, sewing, sex, sharpies, shiny things, shoebox project, silent movies, singing, skulls, slash, slytherin, sopranos, space, sparkles, spirk, spock, star trek, star trek tos, t-shirt surgery, taboo, the sims, theatre, tim burton, toys, trashy novels, urban legends, velvet, vocal music, wes craven, women's lib, women's rights, xena, zines, zombies

^ that was long, and I even cut out like half of them, heh. I also feel the need to add that bows are like my favorite thing ever, closely followed by glitter and lace.


Video games: My system of choice is definitely the PS3. I like PC gaming too, but our current computers aren't really up to the task.

Favorite video games: God of War (LOVE me some Kratos! I thought GoW3 had a spectacularly lame story, but the gore, and the gameplay...*happy sigh*), Assassin's Creed is an all-out obsession of mine, Morrowind (prefer it on the PC to the Xbox, I can't seem to hit the broadside of a barn on the Xbox), Oblivion (Morrowind > Oblivion), Castlevania series (this started with my Genesis back in the day, teehee), The Sims 1&2 (I probably could run 3 on my laptop, but I'd rather have all the expansions for 2 plus the tons of downloaded stuff I love), Cooking Mama, Folklore (the first thing I ever played on the PS3!), and Little Big Planet. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the first game I ever beat, and so I have a huge soft spot for the blue blur. :)

Favorite genres: RPG, action platforming, RTS

Video game dislikes: I don't understand the whole hype and nostalgia behind old nintendo games like Mario, or what the big deal is with Zelda. I'm not a fan of Wii, or any Nintendo games, really. I love my DS, but that's about it. Maybe it's 'cause I grew up loving Sega? *shrug* I'm also not a fan of any of the Final Fantasy titles. I just...don't get it. I realize I'm in the minority here!

Pen-and-paper RPG: I do consider myself a noob with these, but I love them. I like DnD (3.0 or 3.5, I haven't played 4.0 yet but from what I've seen I'm not all that eager) and Vampire The Masquerade. Actually to be fair the only Vampire I've played is Dark Ages customized to be in the 1700s...so I guess it was a mash of Dark Ages and Masquerade, hee. I'm currently playing a rogue (as usual) in a D&D 3.5 game.

Other Entertainment!

Favorite books: Harry Potter series, Discworld series, Stephen King in general, George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, Fight Club, Lolita, Rosemary's Baby, VC Andrews (a guilty pleasure of mine), Phantom of the Opera, Julie and Julia, and the list just keeps going! I love to read, almost every genre save for fantasy (though I have my moments there, too).

Favorite TV shows: Sailor Moon, Psych, Sanctuary, X-files, Xena, Star Trek TOS, Boston Legal (James Spader and William Shatner...two of my favorite actors! If Alan Rickman was on the show too, it would have been perfect), Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Frisky Dingo, Archer, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Metalocalypse, My Little Pony, South Park, Twin Peaks

Favorite Movies: I love b-movies, especially the horror-flavored ones. Pretty much all horror, old and new! Anything touched by Ray Harryhausen, ever- especially the original Clash of the Titans. Rosemary's Baby, Rose Red, Secretary, Robocop, Terminator, Memoirs of a Geisha, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Big Top Pee-Wee, My Little Pony The Movie, The Princess Bride, Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Rocky Horror Picture Show, 50 First Dates, Sense and Sensibility, The Wrong Guy, The Exorcist, Monkeybone, The Big Lebowski

Other Random Things!

Collections: I tend to collect a lot of stuff, notably My Little Pony and dragons. I also love flamingos and bats, and I'm starting to acquire a few maneki neko. If Sailor Moon stuff wasn't so expensive, I'd be collecting that, too! I have a few bootleg items I got from the mall, and I've crafted several things. Oh, and I have a lot of hairdye, haha.

Current obsession: Burlesque. It ties in with my lifelong love affair with lingerie, glitter, lace, rhinestones, feathers, and glamorous beautiful women, hehe. I especially love the bigger women out there rockin' their curves. I may be overly impressionable, but it makes me feel more beautiful inside my big self to watch them. :)
I also love bellydance, and have been taking cabaret classes off and on for a year.

My wist: http://www.wists.com/theatreorchid My Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/theatreorchid/

I'll probably add stuff I forgot at some point, but this is certainly enough for now!

UPDATED: 4-28-12