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I know I said I was going to be back with pictures of new projects...HA! I had a very enjoyable swap on Craftster though, and I did take pics before I sent off my package. Since she's received I don't have to be all mysterious anymore, but the pics are still on my camera and I rely on library wifi. *eyeroll* Oh well, soon.

And oh god, I've started another thing- crocheting. I really enjoy it, but I've yet to really do much. So far I've made three scarves (one for my friend's birthday and 2 for me, though one of those is mostly fashion and not very warm) a couple of amigurumi, and endless swatches of simple lace patterns. Lace, of course, is what got me interested in crochet in the first place, so I'm sure I'll do an actual project with it eventually. Amis are loads of fun too, but since I don't have plastic eyes for them I don't like the look of mine as much as the pictures from the patterns I'm following.

Now I think I'm going to start a ripple afghan, since Chandler and I keep needing something to snuggle under on the couch. It'll be a nice big project that is supposedly easy enough for beginners and should keep me busy for a while in my more than ample spare time. Fortunately acrylic yarn is always going on sale (say what you will about the crappiness of acrylic, but I have an acrylic afghan I stole from my mother that was given to her almost 30 years ago and still looks pretty damn decent...you know, except for the orange and lime green *shudder*), so even though we're dead broke I'll be able to get a couple of skeins every now and then. That'll probably hamper my progress more than anything, I'm sure.

Ta for now, I'm pretty sure the library closes in about 40 minutes and I still want to look at books. <3