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The Fountain of Mama's Anger


The fountain is FINISHED!! Got everything glued, added water, plugged the sucker in, and...

Yes. I actually did quote this. All alone in my bathroom to the sound of watery tinkling metal. (Just...quieter because at least one of the roommates is home. I'm a dork, but not that big of a dork, haha)

I have some of those glass marble blobs in the bedroom somewhere that I need to add to it before I can take pics, but oh my god, I'm going to make the deadline. I'm so proud right now, teehee.

Pics tonight!
So the Cooking Mama challenge is due tomorrow, and I'm still not done. So freaking close, but I'm not there yet. It would help if I wasn't being all agoraphobic and trying to do everything in the bedroom. :P That, and omg everything that can possibly go wrong has. Well, I guess I shouldn't say that, I don't want to jinx myself.

I did learn a valuable lesson, though. Loctite epoxy is awesome yes, but I need to PLAN BETTER because apparently setting it down for 20 seconds is enough for the mixing nozzle thing to completely dry and thus become totally useless. Just squeezing it out and mixing with the dead nozzle works (kind of) but it's messy and on the more delicate parts it doesn't work at all. Sigh.

Tomorrow I'm going to need to run out and buy more so I can get the damn thing done and posted b before the contest ends. It's really cool, but I am just so sick of all the problems I've been having with it. Doesn't help that I'm all nervous about not getting any votes. I can definitely handle not winning, but I am freaking out that I won't get any votes! There's lots of entries that are less epic than mine (is that too rude? hmm), but I don't really see mine being anybody's choice for best, either. Unless they really like fountains.

Oh, did I mention that I'm making a fountain? Heh. If I can get the bloody thing assembled in time, it's going to be sweet.

Argh, 4:30 AM and I can't sleeeeeeep. *thud*

Oct. 2nd, 2010

Craft INSANITY. Still working on my big Cooking Mama project to the point of obsession, and I've dragged Chandler along with me. It's been pretty fun to craft and brainstorm craftily with him, maybe I should do contests with huge prizes more often! He's got me talked into submitting it to the Game Informer monthly art contest, too, and I do believe I shall.

But yeah. The contest entry dates are from October 1-7, so I'm seriously getting down to the wire here. I'm doing really well, I'm just worried about my grout getting enough time to cure before it gets all wet.

Yes. My grout. I am GROUTING. (Picking up new crafts randomly and under time pressure FTW! teehee)

And that's all I'm sayin. :D Trust me, it will be mind-blowingly badass. Hee.
Hmm, so what's going on in my crafty little world? At the moment, I have two big projects cooking up.

The first, and possibly most insane, is an entry in Craftster's Pixelate Mama challenge. Well, I heart Cooking Mama to bits, and even though I never participate in challenges the prize package beckons me. Plus, I got a kick-ass awesome idea, which just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

Last night I figured out the coolest solution ever to a problem I was having with the design, and I was cackling with glee for almost five minutes. I told Chandler about it and he just looked at me all stunned and skeptical for a minute or so, and then he had to cackle a little too. :D It is going to be completely epic, trust me. And even if I don't win, I'll like having it around.
I'll be starting on that tonight, and Chandler is excited to help me with the logistics. I could probably figure it out myself just fine, but am I going to turn down the chance to have my husband craft with me? HELL no! And creating all the little pixels is going to be a PITA, so I'll be glad to have another set of hands.

Sorry for being so mysterious, but I don't want to inadvertently give an idea to a competitor, lol. More details soon, I promise!

The other thing I'm going to start work on soon is sewing a bag for my new laptop. I've never made a bag before so I'm a little bit nervous, but I got a nice-looking pattern (McCalls 5824 on sale for 1.99 at Jo-Ann's!) and it looks straightforward enough, I'm not worried. With sewing, I've always been able to follow any pattern I try, I just can't alter or draft worth beans.

Oh, and for the Greek Mythology Swap on Craftster, I made some awesome shit. lol! Seriously though, I'm really proud of what I made for my partner. Chandler even helped by making the magnets (well, assembling them, anyway. I found/edited the pictures) while I freaked out over the finishing details on the Apollo lamp. Check out the pictures my partner MoonRaven took! I have pics of my own, but they're on the camera and just sitting there until I get something on the new computer to edit them with. I'll post them soon. :)

That goblet was insane. I thought I was going to go crazy(er) by the time I finished, but the end result was soooooooo worth it. Even though I don't like grapes. Or wine. But it gave me an excuse to play with textures and object covering, and I loove vines. I don't know why, I'm just kind of obsessed with them.

Jul. 23rd, 2010

I realized that I don't really have anywhere to direct people to witness the craftiness of it all, so, uh, here we go. More coming soon, obviously.

...Man, I hate making first posts.