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Jul. 7th, 2012

Yay, I'm back with crafts! I recently sent off the fruit of my crafty labors in yet another swap on Craftster.

Come inside and see what I made for the Vintage SwapCollapse )

Thanks for looking! :)

So occasionally I write...

Title: Conversation on a Roof
Fandom: D&D, this is my current rogue character
Rating: PG I guess
Summary: Leila unexpectedly encounters an old friend while casing an empty house. Cue reminiscing. Word count: 1,852
Author's Note: As stated, Leila is my character in an ancient Egyptian style D&D game. Details of the world belong to the DM, Leila and Malik belong to me, this incarnation of Hathor belongs to Wizards, and yes, I stole Malik's name from a certain video game franchise with which I am obsessed, because I was too lazy to research one. I haven't written anything in years, and I don't consider myself a writer. Leila was just begging me to give her a little time, so I did. :)

Aaaand...SCENE.Collapse )


I'll be back to my regularly scheduled crafting as soon as I take some pictures.


Holy crap, this poor journal has been abandoned for a long time. I've been crafting, but we only just got internet again last month. I have some picture-taking to do! :)

Apr. 22nd, 2011

Aiee! I am dying for some crafty activity. The husband-critter and I are moving to a new apartment (...tomorrow...and no, we're still not completely packed, so I should really be doing that) and though I am feeling inspired and creative, crafting is at a complete standstill!

Our new place is going to need some immediate assistance, and that will probably be my first order of business even though I'm still in the middle of the poppet swap and a personal swap.

My to-do list in detailCollapse )
In non apartment-related crafty news, I have lots of other projects I want to undertake soon (other than the swap poppet and sooper sekrit personal swap items). In no particular order...

1.) A mosaic-tiled Olidammara altar case. This is inspired by one of my new D&D characters, a cleric of Olidammara. It will have lots of goodies inside, such as a false bottom for loot-stashing, a false book containing forgery equipment, a bracelet with charms that are really lockpicks (thanks to my Craftster buddy squire_inaria for that idea!), and other awesome items intended to aid worshippers of the Laughing Rogue. It's going to be pretty epic. :)
2.) A cute apron, as I've been doing a lot of baking lately and making a floury mess of myself
3.) Re-finishing the coffee table, which we got at the Goodwill (of course) and is gorgeous save for the scratches and nicks
4.) Slipcovering the couch *whimper*
5.) Loads of t-shirt recons
6.) Summer skirts!
I'm participating in the Plethora of Poppets swap over at Craftster (I know, seems like I never craft except for swaps lately, eh? Not true though, I just never finish crafts that aren't for swaps lately, haha) but I had a bit of a hiccup...I've never made a poppet before!

My other hiccup was that my beloved Brother sewing machine up and bit the big one (*tear*) so I had to quick run out to the Goodwill and buy a temporary replacement. It's an ancient Brother Odyssey (not so much brand loyalty as this was the machine I found!) and it weighs roughly 8,000 pounds, but he works wonderfully so far and I quite like him. I named him Jerome, because I've had that song stuck in my head lately and it just seemed to fit him anyway.

Under the cut is a pic of Jerome, and several of the first project I've made on him- my very first poppet! She's as-yet-unnamed and is unfinished, and will remain so until I finish my swap poppet. I just wanted to get some practice in, and I figured I got as far as I need to to figure out how to do the best job I can on the "real" one. :)

Oh, and by the way, she's naked and is possibly NSFWCollapse )

So, what do you think? I'm not huge on my crappy needle-sculpted boobs, but for some reason I decided not to do the boobie poppet pattern mod for her, and of course immediately regretted this decision once I had her stuffed. I had to do something for her! ;)
Soooooooo, this is what I've been up to lately! Two Craftster swaps, both with the same awesome partner. The first one was a days of the week undies swap, the second was D&D.

Majorly insane amounts of picspam ahoy!Collapse )

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for looking!
Much crocheting going on in my little world. I've made the first several rows of my afghan of Doom (which is ending up a lap blanket, because in my math-challenged mind I forgot that the base chain would get much shorter as the ripples started...oh well) and a couple more amigurumi are in the works.

Chandler and I have been starting to play D&D again, so we've been painting miniatures, as well. I can't think of anything much more fun than crafting with my husband. :)
I know I said I was going to be back with pictures of new projects...HA! I had a very enjoyable swap on Craftster though, and I did take pics before I sent off my package. Since she's received I don't have to be all mysterious anymore, but the pics are still on my camera and I rely on library wifi. *eyeroll* Oh well, soon.

And oh god, I've started another thing- crocheting. I really enjoy it, but I've yet to really do much. So far I've made three scarves (one for my friend's birthday and 2 for me, though one of those is mostly fashion and not very warm) a couple of amigurumi, and endless swatches of simple lace patterns. Lace, of course, is what got me interested in crochet in the first place, so I'm sure I'll do an actual project with it eventually. Amis are loads of fun too, but since I don't have plastic eyes for them I don't like the look of mine as much as the pictures from the patterns I'm following.

Now I think I'm going to start a ripple afghan, since Chandler and I keep needing something to snuggle under on the couch. It'll be a nice big project that is supposedly easy enough for beginners and should keep me busy for a while in my more than ample spare time. Fortunately acrylic yarn is always going on sale (say what you will about the crappiness of acrylic, but I have an acrylic afghan I stole from my mother that was given to her almost 30 years ago and still looks pretty damn decent...you know, except for the orange and lime green *shudder*), so even though we're dead broke I'll be able to get a couple of skeins every now and then. That'll probably hamper my progress more than anything, I'm sure.

Ta for now, I'm pretty sure the library closes in about 40 minutes and I still want to look at books. <3
So I like how the first thing I said when I finished my Cooking Mama fountain was that the next thing I craft will most definitely not have a deadline.

Lies, all lies! I signed up for a Day of the Week Undies swap on Craftster, and that'll probably end up being my next craft, LOL. I'm excited for it, I think it'll be a blast. That may be because I have a lingerie obsession, hah. I'm always excited at the thought of new underwear! We haven't gotten partners yet though, I might start something before then.

I've really been feeling like doing some embroidery, mostly because it's an excellent thing to do when I'm not leaving the bedroom. I can't wait until we have our own place again (*sigh* someday...soon, I hope) and my agoraphobia will just confine me to the apartment, not the bedroom. Ugh.

But yeah. Embroidery. I don't have any patterns I'm interested in ATM, so I'm thinking of drawing something. Scary, I know. Well, maybe not if you've never seen my drawing, heh. I am AWESOME at coloring, but drawing...hmm.

Oh, and if this is all far too nonsensical, blame the cold medicine, because I am sick like whoah.

That's all from Orchid-land for now, next time maybe I'll have some pics of a *gasp* finished project. Like the one that I've been meaning to mail to a certain lovely aunt of mine for, oh, MONTHS now. Clearly I need deadlines. :P
I've been thinking about participating in more Craftster swaps, and I realized that I don't really have a lot of the "random facts" sort of information about myself available publicly. I know that I'm always more comfortable doing my own research than I am asking a bunch of questions, so I'm putting this here to be a handy Orchid Reference. :) (Of course, I'm always happy to answer any questions!)

Here we go! This is going to be loooong....Collapse ) I'll probably add stuff I forgot at some point, but this is certainly enough for now!

UPDATED: 4-28-12