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Apr. 22nd, 2011

Aiee! I am dying for some crafty activity. The husband-critter and I are moving to a new apartment (...tomorrow...and no, we're still not completely packed, so I should really be doing that) and though I am feeling inspired and creative, crafting is at a complete standstill!

Our new place is going to need some immediate assistance, and that will probably be my first order of business even though I'm still in the middle of the poppet swap and a personal swap.

It has single pane windows that seem to be pretty drafty in the bedroom, so curtains are going to have to happen very quickly. We bought some gorgeous fabric while Jo-Ann was having their spring sale. I'm not entirely sure what it is exactly because it was red-tag, but it seems to be upholstery weight and is nice and heavy. We had to get two different colors of the same stuff since there wasn't enough- dark purple and teal. They look gorgeous together, and they go well with our dark red couch and loveseat (though to be totally honest I'm not sure how much longer the couch is going to live without slipcovering- it was second-hand and is slowly disintegrating- but I am terrified of slipcovering because it involves lots of math and fabric).

I'm going to line them with something, though I haven't figured out what just yet. I want to make them thick and insulated, but I'm kind of debating adding snaps to the backside of the curtains to make a thermal layer removable for when it isn't really necessary. I'm worried the snaps might pull out, though. Maybe buttons? Not Velcro, I hate Velcro. Eh, I'll figure it out. Or maybe just hanging them separately, though TBH I'm not sure how to hang two sets of curtains. Obviously I've seen it done, but it's been quite a long time.

And then, less crafty, the contact paper in the kitchen needs replacing most desperately. There's also a linen closet (that isn't a closet, as it is door-less) that takes up the whole back wall of the bathroom that also very much needs re-contact-papering. I'll probably deal with all of this nonsense before the curtains, actually. I kind of really don't want to put our nice clean stuff on top of this, yeeccchhh.

There is some minor painting we would like to do, as well. It isn't anything major, just patching bits that were painted very badly, and painting over the bathroom vanity that was at one point cheap dark-stained wood, and was at some time in the past "patched" with dark, vaguely matching dark brown paint. I guess the intention was to match the wood so as to cover up scratches or something? Lemme tell you, it doesn't work. Seriously.
This is low on the list since it is strictly cosmetic and we don't know if the place will even let us do anything about it. It really is crappy looking, though. Take my word for it.

Also, the entire apartment completely lacks screens, which is a fact we somehow didn't notice until after we had signed the lease. This is very bad news. First of all, there's nothing to stop the cats from getting out, and second, there's nothing to keep bugs from getting in. Being able to get fresh air and ventilation in the summer is going to be crucial, or we will fry to death. If we can't talk the apartment into doing something about it, we're going to have to figure out some kind of (possibly very ghetto) solution. Maybe we'll get lucky and Chandler's parents will help us build screens if the apartment won't fix it (supposedly the apartment is putting in new double-paned windows which will probably have screens next summer, but that's more than a year away!).

In non apartment-related crafty news, I have lots of other projects I want to undertake soon (other than the swap poppet and sooper sekrit personal swap items). In no particular order...

1.) A mosaic-tiled Olidammara altar case. This is inspired by one of my new D&D characters, a cleric of Olidammara. It will have lots of goodies inside, such as a false bottom for loot-stashing, a false book containing forgery equipment, a bracelet with charms that are really lockpicks (thanks to my Craftster buddy squire_inaria for that idea!), and other awesome items intended to aid worshippers of the Laughing Rogue. It's going to be pretty epic. :)
2.) A cute apron, as I've been doing a lot of baking lately and making a floury mess of myself
3.) Re-finishing the coffee table, which we got at the Goodwill (of course) and is gorgeous save for the scratches and nicks
4.) Slipcovering the couch *whimper*
5.) Loads of t-shirt recons
6.) Summer skirts!